Critique the Community Submit your best architectural images for a chance to win an Fstoppers original tutorial

Architectural Photography
Architectural Photography
With Mike Kelley

It's time to put forth your best architectural photos and see if you can impress one of the most well known architectural photographers in the world, Mike Kelley. For the next episode of Critique the Community, Lee and Mike will be giving feedback to 20 submitted images below. Submit yours and join the challenge. 

This contest has ended.

Critique the Community View Results: Wildlife

Critique the Community Episode 30   Wildlife
Congratulations to the Winners!

Wildlife photography can be a tricky genre to critique. It's tempting to be impressed by images of exotic animals but are the animals themselves a reason to rate a picture highly? Take a look through our selections of for the latest episode of Critique the Community and see if your ratings match up with Lee, Patrick, and the rest of the Fstoppers Community.

Cinema 5D Visits the SIGMA Factory

The word "Sigma" is derived from Summation, the process of adding things together, and this video does that beautifully. It documents the journey to the factory in Japan, and what makes this video different, is the time spent with Kazuto Yamaki-san, the son of the founder of SIGMA corporation.

Filmmakers: Use Your RED Camera for Time-Lapses

You’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on a fantastic camera body that outputs 5K or 8K imagery, but the film you’re working on requires some time-lapse b-roll for transitions. Instead of breaking out that DSLR, you can set up your RED camera to shoot that time-lapse and use the near same post-processing as you would for the filmed imagery you are currently capturing.

What It Takes to Create an Award-Winning Photograph

What does it take to win an internationally respected photography competition? A few weeks ago, the Sony World Photo Awards announced their winners, one of whom was Fstoppers community member Mikkel Beiter, who won two awards: Open Travel and Denmark National Award. We caught up with him to find out about his work and his prize-winning photograph.