A Second Look at the Canon EOS RP

It’s been seven months since the Canon EOS RP has been out in the market. While most others are looking at the performance of the camera in a general sense, I put it to the test and tried to find the right context for such a camera.

Meet the Man With the World's Largest Camera Collection

A lot of us love our gear and just the pure joy that comes from playing with novel cameras. And I will readily and happily admit that I own far more cameras than I actually need, but I enjoy them. My collections pales in comparison to this man's, however, which totals well in the thousands and includes many rare, expensive, and fascinating cameras.

Helpful Tips for Better Location Scouting

Whether you are planning a video shoot, touring the grounds of an upcoming wedding, or looking ahead to a sunset shoot at your favorite landscape spot, the importance of location scouting cannot be overstated. This helpful video will give you lots of great tips and techniques to improve your location scouting.

What Can You Do if People Keep Stealing Your Work?

If you're a content creator in any industry, I can almost guarantee that someone somewhere will steal your work. Unfortunately, it's pretty much inevitable now, especially with the advent of social media. The question is: what can you do if someone steals your work?

Is Canon About to Release a Full Frame Camera Specifically for Astrophotography?

Canon's mirrorless lenses have gotten off to quite an impressive start, though the bodies still have some catching up to do when it comes to innovation. Canon might be pushing that envelope a bit next year, though, as new rumors have uncovered the potential release of the ROS Ra, a full frame mirrorless camera designed specifically for astrophotography.

Would You Use Eye-Controlled Autofocus?

Over two decades ago, Canon introduced a very unique feature in some of their film SLRs: eye-controlled autofocus. Recently, the company filed a patent that shows a similar system being worked on. Is it a feature you would like in your camera?

The Power of the Dehaze Tool

The Dehaze tool in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom is fantastic for landscape photography. Here are some examples of its use.

A to Z of Photography: Yashica and Madame Yevonde

In this article we turn to the society photographer, and fortune teller sounding, Madame Yevonde, but before her another Japanese brand that bit the dust. Yashica were prominent in the post-war photographic world, but when did they cease production?

Your Best Panoramic Image
Critique the Community

Your Best Panoramic Image

Submit your best panoramic image for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.

Panoramic images are typically created by taking a series of photos side by side and stitching them together with software. However, for this Critique the Community, you can also submit any photograph that has been stitched together.

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The Canon 1D X Mark III Is on Its Way Soon

I will be the first to tell you that the Canon 1D X Mark II is a great camera and a personal favorite, but at 3.5 years old, it's starting to show its age just a bit, and some eyes are starting to turn toward the forthcoming Mark III version. The good news is that it's coming next year, and with it will come some fantastic features.

What Should You Think About When You Take a Photo?

Landscape photography is a difficult genre that combines a lot of technical ideas with nuanced artistry and detailed vision, making it a challenge to create a successful image. So, what should you be thinking about as you are standing behind the camera, readying your shutter finger? This excellent video explores that exact question.

Why Nondestructive Editing Is so Crucial for Photographers

If you are new to photography, you are probably wondering what a lot of terms mean, and one that you have probably heard quite a bit with regards to post-production is "nondestructive editing." This excellent video tutorial will both explain what the term means and show you why it is an absolutely crucial thing for photographers of all genres.

Five Tips to Deal With a Lowballing Photo or Video Client

It is an unfortunate thing, but we will all have to deal with a lowballing client at some point. What do you do when that happens? This great video discusses five tips that can help you deal with a lowballing client and possibly turn them into a paying customer.

Premium Image Quality: A Review of the Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 ZE Lens

The Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 ZE Lens is like most Zeiss lenses: it has absolutely astounding image quality with a price tag to match. Is that stunning image quality worth the high price of admission? This great video review seeks to answer that question.

How to Create a Gigapixel Panorama Using Syrp Genie Mini II

Most panoramas can easily be shot by hand but what happens if you want to shoot a multi-row pano? What if you want to create a truly "gigapixel" image that could require over 100 images? You're going to need some hardware to help.

Tips on Shooting the Polar Light

Autumn and winter are upon us, and in the north the polar light has appeared in the night skies. Time to go out and photograph the elusive Northern Lights. Here are a few tips on how to capture it.

Tips for Shooting With the Fujifilm GFX 100

Having now had the Fujifilm GFX 100 camera for a couple months now, I thought I might share a couple of the ways I’ve found most efficient for me to use the system. Perhaps some of the following tips may help you with the GFX 100 or other Fujifilm systems as well.

Fstoppers Reviews the Zenitar 50mm f/1.2 S

The Zenitar 50mm f/1.2 S is a hodgepodge of vintage lens design brought into the modern world in order to marry the delight of swirly bokeh with the convenience of a modern lens mount.

Eight Simple Tips a Photographer Wishes He Had Learned Years Ago

When you are new to photography, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to learn about and assimilate the many facets of technique, artistry, business, and more. This awesome video features a photographer discussing eight simple things things he wishes he had learned when he first started in photography.

Sometimes, Things Just Don't Go Well

Watch enough YouTube and photography tutorials, and you might start to think that accomplished photographers do nothing but take spectacular shots day in and day out. But the truth is that even the best among us have days where things just don't go right or the creative juices just aren't flowing properly. This great video takes an honest look at what happens when things just aren't going the way you had hoped.

A Review of the Godox V1 Flash

Godox is well known for producing affordable, high quality lights that a lot of photographers are quite fond of. The Godox V1 is their entry into the round head speedlight market, and it has captured the attention of a lot of photographers, particularly in the face of the much more expensive Profoto A1. Is it the right speedlight for you? This great review will answer that question.

How to Create Stunning Images of Trees

The wonderful thing about trees is that every single one is unique in texture, shape, curvature, structure, setting, and more, making them excellent subjects for landscape photographers. This excellent tutorial will show you how to create eye-catching photos of trees.

Four Ways to Compose Wildlife Images for Maximum Impact

It's very difficult to stand out from the crowd as a wildlife photographer. It's a genre where one can go overboard with creative editing quite quickly. Many would say not to get creative with wildlife editing at all — that wildlife imagery should be an accurate representation of the animal and its environment. So, how does one create an image that stands out from the crowd?

When the Sky Gives You Clouds Like These, Just Go Shoot

When the weather gods do something crazy, don't ask questions; just say thank you. You can try and plan your outdoor photography until you're blue in the face, but sometimes, when it starts to look like the conditions might be epic, you need to be spontaneous and just get out there.

Investing in Laziness in Order to Make More Money

Photography and retouching are a lot of work. Framing, exposing, getting your color right, cropping, zooming, dodging, burning, sharpening: it's enough to do your head in! But sometimes, we can get lazy, and in my opinion, it can be beneficial to lean into your own laziness rather than burn yourself out working for 10 hours a day.

Crop Versus Full Frame: Can You Tell the Difference?

In more recent years, with a huge price drop in medium format and increase in quality of micro four thirds, can you tell the difference between a crop sensor and a full frame camera?

10 Tips to Make Your Photography Life Easier

I admit it: I like easy, especially when it comes to photography. That's why I've come to embrace these 10 tips that I have learned over the years. And most of them won't cost you a penny to incorporate.

Fstoppers Reviews the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Lens

On the back of producing the world’s best-selling lens, Tamron has released a piece of glass that got me incredibly excited: the 17-28mm f/2.8 for Sony full-frame cameras. I’ve tested this lens extensively on both jobs and personal projects over the course of a month, and hopefully, I can now tell you whether you should buy this lens or not.

The Best Images from GuruShots "Tell A Story" Challenge

GuruShots, "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” recently hosted a challenge asking participants to submit their best photo that tells a story. With thousands of entries 60.5 million votes, the top images were selected. Check out the three winners of the challenge below as well as the 100 top rated images below.

Pro Camera Advantages: It's More Than Just Sensor Size

Discussions about entry-level, mid-level, and pro-level cameras often revolve around the differences in their sensor size or resolution. However, that's just one aspect of many that separate these types of cameras. Let's take a look at the other benefits that a pro-level camera brings to the table.

How to Add Mood and Style to a Composite

Colin Anderson is a composite photographer from Australia whose work is super stylistic and conceptual. He has worked with many large companies including Adobe, the Discovery Channel, and IBM.

Shooting Portraits With Vintage Land Polaroid Cameras and Peel-Apart Film

A photographer visited the factory of analog concept store Supersense in Austria to document the team who is creating a new way to use vintage Land Polaroid cameras and shoot Peel-Apart instant film. In his two-part video blogs, Mathieu Stern revealed how the collective of photographers is creating the FP-100C film that is no longer produced by Fuji.

Learn How to Shoot and Edit This Eye-Catching HDR Portrait

You don't always need to have a complicated lighting setup to shoot high-quality images, and in fact, with a bit of ingenuity and editing prowess, you can make some very creative photos. Check out this awesome video to see how this natural light HDR portrait was shot.

Adobe Shows Off Slick New 'Auto Reframe' Feature

One of the tricky things about modern video consumption is that it's watched on many different devices with vastly different aspect ratios. Adobe recently showed off a new feature that will make this issue much easier to deal with by automatically and dynamically cropping a video to match the desired aspect ratio while simultaneously keeping the most important action in frame.

Seven Things a Photographer Wishes He Knew When He Started

When you are new to photography, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to nail down the fundamentals, build a signature creative style, and work toward a career and financial success all at the same time. This excellent video discusses seven things a photographer wishes he had learned when he first started in the industry.

The Laowa 15mm f/2: Wide, Fast, and Built for Full Frame Mirrorless

Laowa is one of the first to create a wide lens for Nikon’s Z and Canon's RF mount, with their 15mm f/2 Zero-D. The lens is also available in Sony's FE, representing a unique option for full frame mirrorless users. With an impressive aperture and focal length combination, is it a lens you should consider?