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Job Pricing

I know job pricing can vary greatly depending on where you live, but what would might ball park figure be to shoot a hotel room? Also, i have a friend who does high end kitchen and bath design and i need to come up with a price for shoot 1 or 2 shots of a bathroom and or kitchen.

thank you

Three speedlight setup

Photo of my granddaughter using three speedlights, two were placed in 24"X24" Godox softboxes, main was speedlight with umbrella, all speedlights were Shanny SN600N, Nikon D610 with Tamaron 70mm-200mm f2.8. The two softboxes were placed behind and to the side of subject.

Are second shooters necessary?

Hello! I am new here look forward to getting to know you all! I posted this in weddings but figured I'd cross post just in case for other opinions. I hope that's allowed?

I came across this post, which got me you guys use a second shooter? Is one always really necessary? I never use one and am able to capture all the...

Cloud 10 Penthouse - Las Vegas - Video

AMAZING, LUXURIOUS, ONE OF A KIND!!! Just a few words that describe this penthouse at Veer Towers. Had a blast filming and editing this video for my client. We went all out on this project doing a Cinematic Video, 3D Virtual Tour, Professional Photography Day/Night and Custom Website tailored for the unit. View the site at www.cloud10penthouse....

After studio comes outdoor

Besides studio I also like outdoor shooting because of the variety it offers. Mastering the light, however, is much more challenging, particularly if you are only equipped with a camera, lens and a small reflector. The idea of this picture was to create a bright fashion look with an urban backdrop. What do you think?

CC Requested

Hi everyone,

I've recently made a commitment to myself to improve my photography. With that, I would love some constructive feedback on a recent image of mine. Positive comments are great, but I really do want to improve, so I really am interested in what you think I can do better; from in camera improvements to what I could have done...


Hello everyone .

I am new in this grup and this is my first post .

Roksana , the girl in this photo is VERY happy with this image , buy I am curious what do you think guys about this portret . More professional eye .

What can I say more , retouching was done to keep maximum the facial features .

I am waiting for...

First snow of 2015

We got our first snow of 2015 today and I have been wanting to re-shoot this scene at a local park. On my first attempt two years ago, I didn't get enough separation between this tree and the background. Today the snow was really coming down which helped the separation a lot. Love to get your thoughts and comments.

How much ceiling / floor to include in the frame on interior shots for real state work?

I have started doing real estate / architectural photography recently. I have a couple of year's experience shooting landscapes (is how I got started in photography) so exterior shots are not too much of an issue. I also have experience using multiple lights in a studio doing portrait work so lighting interior shots is not as complicated. Where...