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Let it snow

Natural light shot, pretty bright day for this shot. Snow on the ground made for a nice reflector. This gave a nice fill in around the eyes since the hood of her jacket would have otherwise created shadow on the upper portion of her face.

CC welcome.

Portrait in B/W

This is a close up using window light and natural reflector from the floor. I 've preferred to use split lighting to reflect the sombre mood of the sitter. This is just a study and experiment in natural light . Would love comments.

Learn to love the 35mm

Usually, a 85mm prime lens is my first choice for nearly every portrait. Since I got the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens I try to use this lens at least for one set in every portrait photo shot.

This one was done with the lovely Medea. Window lighting at f/1.4.

Nikki in the Studio

Hello everyone! First time posting here. I am super inspired by the work I see here.
This is a fashion-inspired set I shot with Nikki at my studio.
Canon 5D MkII, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, Alien Bees B800, 22" Beauty Dish

Portraits on Provia

I had Kimberly in for a shoot in my studio. I was loving the shots coming into capture one so much I decided to switch out the digital back for some Provia I had. All shot with Hasselbad 2003fcw, 150mm and couple of speed lights at f/8 1/250.

Getting my photos out there

Hi, I'm 20 years old, I love to travel, explore and adventure and have been trying to figure this out for a while. I am not planning to become a professional photographer but would love to do more with my photos. Does anyone have (not generic) advice on how I can find work with brands, magazines, websites, travel companies or people to put my...

Any tips? First real estate gig...

Hey everyone,

So I recently was asked by a family who I have been friends with for a while now, to photograph their house and rooms in it for the real estate site. I of course said yes as I am always for new experiences and learning in photography. But I don't really know much about real estate/architectural photography. I have watch...