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Wooded Pond Color

Temps are warming here in the Midwest so I went out on a camera walk to see what was going on in the local woods and came across this scene. The color contrast caught my eye and a simple thing becomes an abstract nature image. Just wanted to share my find with you all. Best...Mike

Feedback greatly appreciated.

I'm an amateur photographer. I've been taking photography seriously since this year.

I took this photo of my friend a few weeks back. I used a 60x60 softbox from slightly to her left.

This was a candid shot between the poses I tried.

I would love to hear from all of you.


I just started photography last November 2015, and I started joining community and open shoot, below is a shot from a recent shoot, would love to hear comments and critics from community, I used photoshop for post processing.

Elise - Indoor portrait session

Most of the time I try to shoot outdoor with natural light, because I really love it and possibilities are awesome.

This time, I would like to use speedlight and shoot indoor. A simple white wall with a medium umbrella as reflector. A 20 min shooting like I love. Fast and cool.

Shoot with my Nikon D810, 50mm 1.4 @ 2.8, 1/250 +...

Couple Session at the Beach

Hi all :)

Happy to take some CC on this in any apsect of the image. I don't have a studio, so basically all my shoots happen outdoors.
Location is on a westcoast beach in New Zealand, about 1hr away from Auckland.

Single exposure, no external lighting apart from the ambient (sunset). Edited in Lightroom 5.


Need Help With, "Examples of Work"

Hi all,
I'm an amateur photographer and I am trying to turn this into a professional career. I'm applying for an internship position with a local gallery and I need help with providing three samples of my work. I've pulled many photos from my hard drive and have eliminated quite a few but I can't get it down to three. I'm hoping I could...