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2015 Mustang GT

I haven't had a chance to shoot much but I took these a while ago while back in the states for a couple weeks. My girl friend and I went out to Red Rock, NV for a nice cruise.

Shot with Sony A6000 | Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART | Manual Focus

From my "Voyeur and the Muse: Tree Nymp" set

My first post and hello all. This was on of my favorite images. Sorry I do not have the before and After because the drive I had them on became corrupted. Her left arm though was not in the original. She was angled weird so that you could not see the arm so I had to take an arm from another take and add it in. Took a few hours as I had to also...

Battlefield Themed Composite

Hello, Iv been taking photo's mainly as a form of fun stress relief for a while now. But not long ago I discovered compositing when I came across a local photographers website << check it out he has made some amazing images. Since discovering this I have been trying to learn the skills to make my own...

Tough and Tender

I generally find the best tattooed portraits are not of the tattoo but of the subject. Otherwise the image can wind up looking like a product shot. While the tattoo can be prominent, the focus should be on the subject. Then the tattoo adds character or "color" to the image.

Comments regarding image and philosophy welcomed.

New to F-Stoppers

Hi, I'm new to F-Stoppers and would love to have some people stop by and rate some of my work. I am mostly a nature and landscape photographer and would love to get involved here on F-Stoppers. I'm pretty active on Flickr and 500px as well but just increasing my network and looking to converse with new photographers and hopefully continue...

An introduction

Dropping in to introduce myself. Prior to moving to Denver a few years ago, I had been a surf photographer in Southern California. I shot a little for the magazines (Surfing, Surfer) and sold through Aframe but I got out of the editorial side when my wedding and portrait business picked up. Swimming around with a camera became a creative outlet...

Mercedes AMG 250 S

Hello everybody!
This is my first post here in this Group and I would like to hear your thoughts on this Image. I've shot it for a friend of mine and it was the first time doing automotive! (Normally I do a lot of landscape, astro and macros). What I'm really interested in, is how you light your shots?! I used a flashlight and a Piece of...