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Your opinion on these headshot

Hi everybody,

I'm a headshot photographer and I would like some feedback on this last session I did. Any critic good or bad is very welcome!
These are acting headshot so opinions regarding how appropriate they are for acting interest me as well.
I do the retouching myself, here I didn't do anything about the hair yet which...

Outdoor with Slo Sync Speed


I have a d3100 with no HSS capability. I usually shoot indoors with constant light so getting a low depth a field say f3.2 is not a big deal. However when I use speedlights outdoors I come across the dreaded black bar because I cant go over 1/200. Wondering if I use an ND filter will this allow me to go to at least f3.2 or f4 to...

Hello from Nevada

I'm new to the Fstoppers community today! I've been learning phototgraphy for a few years and have started experimenting with headshots just this year. Here is a sample from my very first headshot shoot. It was shot outdoors, in open shade, with two speedlights and a reflector. I am always open to helpful critique. :)

Photography Awards worth it?

I've noticed photography awards can be beneficial for your own self-confidence which can boast into more creativity in making more unique and outstanding levels of images. But as well boast your public image as a photographer to all types of clients, plus get more credibility from other industry leaders which can lead into other opportunities...

Need help pricing prospective headshot client

I've tried using this previous fstopper article to help me price a job,

The thing I need help with is the number of people I will be photographing. Instead of 10 it's more like 75. A company wants headshots for all of their employees in 6 branches located in...