DSLRs Dominate Flickr's Top Images of 2017

There's no denying the vast improvement in image quality on mobile devices from just about every manufacturer, but if Flickr's top images of 2017 are any indication, they're still no match for a good DSLR (and, of course, a good eye). Interestingly, Flickr compiles data on all of the images on its site and metrics such as views, shares, and favorites helped compile the list. But while more than half of Flickr users post photos shot on mobile devices such as cell phones, all of Flickr's Top 25 Images of 2017 were captured by DSLRs.

Top 10 WeeklyFstops: Thankful

This week's theme "thankful" was full of great submissions. It also means we are into the tenth week of the weeklyFstop theme! We have seen some very cool photos shared and put together nine completely original top 10 lists found nowhere else on the web. I'd say that is pretty awesome. We are doing it people. For that, and for you, I am thankful.

How to Photograph a Moonrise

In the wake of 2017’s only supermoon, which rose on December 3rd, NatureTTL has released a new video detailing to photographers how to plan for, and execute, a great moonrise or moonset landscape photo. For photographers wanting to branch out into a new type of photography, these tips are great for understanding how and when the moon will rise and set, and where to be to get that perfect shot.

The Whip Pan: A Creative Off-Camera Flash Night Portrait Technique

Don't get me wrong, natural light and golden hour are gorgeous and a huge part of what we do. But, in addition to these types of photographs, we have built our name on imagery that differs from the typical wedding or couples photograph. Our studio (Lin and Jirsa Photography) has become known for unique and epic environmental portraits. While almost every client wants golden hour imagery, these stand-out epics help draw clients to our brand in the first place.

Pearl Harbor in Images: 'A Date Which Will Live in Infamy'

If you were raised in the United States, you were taught about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. You’ve heard the famous description of it by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who called it “a date which will live in infamy.” With a lack of declaration of war and without warning — and killing 2,403 Americans — the surprise attack by Japan’s military on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was judged to be a war crime, and was the impetus for the U.S. officially entering World War II. You know this, but there’s a good chance you haven’t seen many (or any) photos from that day.

Vintage Chairs and Wine Glasses: Behind the Scenes of an Old Shoot

A few years ago, on one of my first advertising shoots, I was asked to take a photo of a condo building downtown. All I knew was that the client would be bringing props, that we’d be shooting on a balcony, and that it would be night time. From start to finish, I wasn’t really sure how the ad was doing to turn out… and it turns out, years later, that’s still what tends to happen on commercial shoots: things don’t turn out how I think they will.

Using Apply Image on Layer Masks in Photoshop

Layer masks are one of the most useful tools in Photoshop, allowing the user to apply adjustments to an image selectively. Masking, however, can be one of the most frustrating aspects of post-production, sometimes requiring lots of intricate work. One tool in Photoshop that can make your masking life easier is also one of the most overlooked: Apply Image.

Ten Fun DIY Photography Presents

So, here's the problem with shopping for photographers: they tend to have really expensive taste. I mean, you can't really get Bob that 70-200mm f/2.8 lens when the office gift exchange program has a $20 limit. (Why is Bob asking for that, anyway? Come on, Bob. This is supposed to be casual.) Here are 10 fun and cheap DIY photography gift ideas.

Lytro's Living Pictures: A Thing of the Past

If you don't remember Lytro cameras and have no idea what their “living pictures” are, don't sweat it. As cool as the idea was, the technology itself was either not ready or was so poorly received that the hardware was doomed to fail. The concept, being able to refocus an image after it's been taken, is a great idea. Who wouldn't want to be able to literally fix the focus itself in post-production? Alas, we're not quite there yet.

Fstoppers Review Novo Explora T5 and T20 Tripod Kits

I know it’s early December, but sometimes Christmas does, in fact, come early. I for one am always on the lookout for two things, the first is the perfect tripod and the second is a perfect camera bag. I officially can resign myself to only continuing my quest for the perfect bag, as I have finally found what I think is the ideal series of tripods. Welcome, Novo Photo’s Explora series tripods. Full disclaimer, I am an ambassador for Novo Photo, however, before becoming an ambassador I was an overly enthusiastic customer. I receive no compensation for my thoughts on their products, but I love talking about products I use and stand behind. Being as Novo Photo is a relatively new U.K.-based company, first, let me explain how I found them.

The 2017 Monitor Buyer's Guide for Photographers: Finding the Best

When you’re in the market for buying a new monitor, you’re probably overwhelmed by a host of specifications. Size, resolution, color gamut, and panel technology can make all the difference when you look for a new screen to edit your photos on. As a photographer, not all specs are that important. Dynamic contrast for instance; a feature that adjusts brightness and contrast according to what's on the screen at a given moment. In this guide, we’re focusing on buying a monitor that is geared specifically towards post-processing.

How to Structure a Screenplay

How to Structure a Screenplay

With the advent of digital photography, more shutterbugs than ever have taken to calling themselves photographers and many have even gone into business for themselves. Now, with those same digital camera manufacturers offering better and better video options embedded into each iteration of their flagship still cameras, more and more photographers have added the word “filmmaker” to our business cards and taken aim at everything from short films to features. But being a real filmmaker requires more than the ability to just produce stunning images.

How I Use Adobe Stock as a Professional Photographer and Art Director

How I Use Adobe Stock as a Professional Photographer and Art Director

Let's chat about stock photography. I've used stock sites for nearly a decade while working as a designer and commercial photographer with great success. Most of the options I used in the past left a lot to be desired, which is why last year, I switched over to Adobe Stock. I made the change for many reasons, but the most important was their integration into Adobe Creative Cloud.

How I Shot This Edgy Couple Silhouette Portrait With a Single Speedlight

As wedding photographers, we always find ourselves walking the high wire between art and popular demand. But then, is the balance hard to achieve? In my opinion, I’d say it is wise to just put the thought, sincere effort, and presence of mind into your photos. What you capture will be loved equally by the artist in you as well as the couple you shoot - who seek nothing less than spectacular. The picture we are going to dissect is a product of this belief.

Where Are the Good Supermoon Photos on Social Media?

Fake Supermoon

OK, I’ll say it: the majority of the supermoon photographs on social media are not very good. When I began working on this article, I was truly looking forward to writing about the “10 Best Supermoon Photographs on Social Media.” But at the intersection of Instagram and Twitter, I took a wrong turn and just kept going... straight into the full-on dumpster fire that is the world of supermoon photographs on the Internet.

Technicolor Explained

In a world where flipping our images between color and black and white is as simple as the click of the mouse, photographers and cinematographers today aren’t often tasked with knowing the complexity of how those vibrant colors actually come into existence. But in the early days of cinema, when competing processes for color reproduction took turns as the next best innovation, one name reigned supreme: Technicolor.

I Just Made Three Grown Women Cry

I handed it over and Jennifer just looked at me stunned. Her lower lip trembled and then, overwhelmed with emotion, her eyes welled up before tears rolled down her cheeks and she began to cry. Smiling, she turned to Emma who was sat on her left. She grabbed her hand reassuringly and then also started crying before giving Jennifer a hug. Across the table, next to me, was sitting Lilly - with both Jennifer and Emma now in tears she also welled up and then began to cry too.