How 2019 Fstoppers Photographer of the Year Jan Gonzales Shot 'Circus of Doom'

“Circus of Doom” is a circus-inspired conceptual portraiture with the Fujifilm X-T200. “Doom” sounds scary, but “Circus” sounds awesome, so I'm slightly confused, but I'm definitely in! This is not the first time Fujifilm ambassador Jan Gonzales has been written about and definitely will not be last. I mean, have you seen his work? There is no question as to why Gonzales garners the attention that he does. His work is fun, inventive, and unique, which is ultimately what every creative should be aiming for.

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Being a master of your craft sometimes means taking exciting and memorable portraits in not-so-interesting locations and circumstances. Here are six simple tricks to help make your portraits more creative while removing distracting elements and creating more engagement.

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How the Unfortunate Events Around 'Bad Boys' Made Michael Bay Famous

Did you know that the initial idea for "Bad Boys" was to have Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey as the main actors? If that happened, today, the movie would be probably known as a family movie. Instead, there were unfortunate events around the production of the blockbuster that made a few people quite famous.

How I Got the Shot: Precise Light and Green Wash

I absolutely adore the precise placement of light, and recently, during a model test, I decided to play around with it, utilizing a new tool, ending up with my first portfolio shot of 2020.