Two Small Tips for Solid Bookings in 2017

At the end of each year there is is always the hustle mindset of pushing harder for the upcoming business actions. More bookings, solid client interactions, and in many cases the push to top the previous years' finances. So how does one start off the new year with client bookings already on the calendar? By simply not forgetting those who booked you the previous year.

Erik Almas Asked to Recreate a Famous Vermeer Painting Using Stock Photos

'The Concert,' a painting by the famous artist Johannes Vermeer, is one of the masterpieces of the Dutch painter. Unfortunately it was stolen in 1990. All his paintings are so skillfully created with quite remarkable understanding of light as intensity, shape, direction, size, and color. It's exciting to see what would happen if a photography master is asked to recreate this painting using Photoshop, images from a stock library, and his extensive knowledge of light and color.

Fascinating Jarred Landscapes by Photographer Christoffer Relander

Ansel Adams once said “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” I have always thought that what he meant by this quote was the process involved in reaching the final image. It has never been about clicking a picture simply, but it involves the creativity the photographer pours into his image. And creativity and sensibility also are what transpire in the beautiful conceptual project of Finnish photograper Christoffer Relander, titled “Jarred & Displaced.”

Fstoppers Interviews Photographer Who Recreates Your Childhood Nightmares

Once upon a dark and stormy night, the chills ran up my spine as I clicked the mouse, seconds seemed more like minutes while I nervously awaited for the page to load. Ok well it wasn't that dramatic, however I'd be lying if I didn't say Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine's work didn't give me the heebie-jeebies. A VFX friend of mine shared some of this photographer's work on Facebook and I immediately had to find out who this guy behind the scary photos was. I got a hold of Joshua after asking him if I could interview him and his process for Fstoppers. Then I almost peed my pants, being an old school horror film buff I was pretty excited to share some of his work! This guy puts some serious work into his scenes and it's not only something to be truly admired, however also pretty unique in the rat race of photographers now a days.

Animeyed: Human-Animal Hybrid Portraits By Flóra Borsi

Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi is not your average self-portrait artist. Many of us are satisfied with the regular glamorous makeup and looks, but Borsi shapes her own perception of the perfect selfie through her exceptional creativity. A while ago, Flóra took a picture along with her dog in which the eyes of the dog overlapped with her own, creating a feeling as though this was an eye of hers. This was the initial trigger to create the "Animeyed" project, a series of self-portraits with different animals whose facial features overlap with her own, giving an illusion of one, common eye.

Part 2: How to Have Only Dream Projects in Your Photography Portfolio

Remember that first time you've looked at those dream portfolios? How did they happen? You've probably compared your portfolio against those and thought, "How would clients put their trust in me for something as big as that?" The hard truth is, those dream-portfolio photographers had a great website issued by the hospital they were given birth at. Face it, if you don't have your portfolio website printed on your birth certificate, you won't ever have one. Of course that's not true.

Planespotting: Photographing Luxury Jets With Pepper Yandell

When you think of photographing jets above rising cityscapes, some of you may think initially of a "Mission Impossible" type of situation: a daring photographer in a flight suit and goggles strapped to the back of a military-looking plane with the cargo ramp down, snapping off shots as they fly through the air. Sure, it's been done, maybe not to that extreme, but you get the gist. However, Dallas-based Automotive Photographer Pepper Yandell shows you his trick to getting those picture-perfect photos, and it's much less dangerous and extreme than what you may have first thought.

The Beautiful Process Behind Erik Johansson's Surreal Images

I haven't been writing very much lately, but when Swedish Commercial Photographer Erik Johansson hit me with an email about his recent creation, I had to stop and take notice. And I'm not the only one. For the third chapter of their miniseries, "Human Made Stories," Volvo (in partnership with Sky Atlantic) spent three days this summer documenting Erik's process as he breathed life into his latest piece, "Wake Up." Volvo's miniseries features defiant pioneers who inspire, do things differently, challenge conventions, and blaze their own trail. Yup, that sounds like Erik to me.