[NSFW] 'Nutscaping' Is a New Phenomenon That You Don't Need to Be Aware Of: Landscapes With Your Balls

In an all-time low for humankind, this one can clearly be filed under "Phenomena Against Humanity." I truly regret to inform you that, in a fit of absolute male narcissism, people are finding beautiful landscape views, dropping their pants, and positioning their cameras "just so" in order to capture the bottom of their man-junk hanging in the frame. What at first seems too obtuse to be true, slowly, photo after photo, becomes a rather gross case of human failure henceforth to forever be known as "nutscaping."

New York-Based Photographer Revolutionizes Dick Pics with High Fashion Photo Shoot

First I have to say this video contains what some will consider very graphic images and language. So if you don’t subscribe to the "laugh a little, lighten up” theory of life, like comedic photographer Soraya Doolbaz and I do, then please don’t torture yourself (or us) and just avoid this post. That being said, Soraya's lighthearted project Dicture Gallery is exactly what it sounds like. Take an erect penis, dress it to the nines (eights, sevens, sixes or fives, we don't judge here) and photograph it like you would any other high fashion shoot.

Kara Marie Trombetta Explains Why All Boudoir Photographers Must Take Selfies

In today's carnival of conceit known as social media, the term selfie has come to be defined as a snapshot of oneself, almost always shot with a smartphone. Selfies have become synonymous with the millennial generation, and have been described as everything from harmless fun to wanton narcissism. But boudoir photographer Kara Marie Trombetta of Kara Marie Boudoir (formerly known as Click Chick Boudoir) has proposed a proper business purpose for selfies in her Business of Boudoir article entitled Selfies: Yes You Have To.

Photographer Blake Little 'Preserves' Models in Honey [NSFW]

For the "Preservation" project, widely acclaimed Los Angeles-based photographer Blake Little covered a variety of models in 4,500 pounds of honey. You read that right. The idea for this shoot was originally inspired by a previous session where he depicted a man as a bear eating honey. He was startled by the way that the honey gave the appearance that the man was "preserved in amber" and by how it can "distort and amplify forms."

A Creative Collaboration Between Photographer and Painter [NSFW]

A lot of us became photographers not so much for the pay check but because we were passionate about photography. Still we all have to pay the bill and please our clients which means a lot of the time we have to shoot whatever comes our way. But every once and awhile we get the opportunity to do something fun and inspired like this creative collaboration by photographer Steve Shaw and painter Gregory Siff for Treats! Magazine. I know not everyone will get what these artist have to say and there will be plenty of trolling but when peers come together to create, how can we not want to celebrate the process?

Remembering Leonard Nimoy Through His Captivating Photography Work (NSFW)

Leonard Nimoy passed away this week at the age of 83. His long career and legacy will always be remembered in his portrayal of the iconic character "Spock" from the 1966 TV series Star Trek. With numerous film spin-offs and a resurgence to the 2009 blockbuster Star Trek as the half-emotionless Vulcan he was just as relevant today as he was 40 years ago. Though his film career was beyond fulfilling in its own right, his photography work is what will also stay with us for years to come.

Lindsay Adler's Fine Art Nude - 3 Go-to Poses

Fine art nude photography is unique in that the nude form is your blank canvas. The possibilities for expression are endless. There is no clothing to detract from the subject, just the model in all their purity. This is why posing, one of your strongest elements for expressions, is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating beautiful fine art nude images. Here I will show you three go-to poses when working with fine art nudes and how to vary them for endless possibilities.

Photographer Documents the Female Form In Beautifully Arranged Nude Self Portraits (NSFW)

Photographer Polly Penrose documents the beauty of the female form through carefully planned self portraits. Seven years ago while visiting her step father's factory she discovered beauty amongst the cold metal of industrial machines and decided to photograph herself with them. Illustrating the juxtaposition of the bare and fair skinned female body against an unlikely environment, Penrose's series "A Body of Work" captures the relationship between subject and space.

NSFW: Warwick Men's Rowing Team Gets Naked To Fight Homophobia

There's a whole lot of eye candy in the 2015 Warwick Mens Rowing Team Annual Calendar, and while you indulge your guilty pleasures, you can feel good that the proceeds go towards fighting a good cause. Since 2009 the team has been releasing their nude calendar, and once they found out that the majority of their audience came from the LGBT community, they decided to shift the focus of their charity.