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Natural light

I shot this photo yesterday. It's been a cloudy day. I simply asked my nephew if he would like to take photos and he nodded 'yes'. The outcome is what you get if he is in the mood for photos.
Shot with a nikon d800 and 50mm 1.8 lens
ISO 200. F/STOP 2.5 SS 1/2000

Miami, FL Photographers


My name is Jose. I'm a photographer and digital media designer out of Miami, Florida. I am looking to network and meet other photographers that would like to shoot together. Check out some of my work at my website, Email me at


April's Shooting Assignment: One Pose, Three Ways

As discussed in a thread last month, I'm going to start posting monthly shooting assignments in this group, starting now! (Sorry I'm getting off to a bit of a late start.)

Originally, I was going to call this a monthly shooting "challenge," but that made it sound like it was some type of contest, which isn't my intention. The point of...

Two camera system for first wedding

First wedding
Ok so I have a Nikon D810 and a Nikon D7100 I have a Nikor 2.8 24 to 70 and a Nikor 2.8 70 to 200. Im going to shoot my first wedding . I do have other lenses for both but the two lenses seem to be the most dominate in the wedding setting. The issue is obviosley The d7100 is a crop sensor and the the D810 is a full frame....

Voting on New Images

Hi everyone,
I don't know whether everybody else has any doubts about this but how does one get the community to view your images . I've tried posting in the various groups but there is hardly any response. I don't think I'm a terrible photographer as I regularly get good votes. But ,hardly any eyeballs. Its quite disheartening.


Abz Mystery Photography

Hey guys. Just getting a hang of this. It's been a while since I have logged on here. I will try and upload my best work.

I am a Fashion Photographer in London, UK. I have been doing Fashion/Portraits for nearly 3 years. I am continuing to grow as a photographer. To see all my up to date images. I am on Instagram @abzmysteryphotography....

Which Camera System should I take?

I'm traveling to Moab, Utah this weekend by Motorcycle. I can't decide which camera system to take with me: My Sony A7R II or my new Fujifilm X-T2.

I'll be shooting landscape and astro/night photography, so I'll take about 3-4 lenses either way. (e.g. 16-35mm for landscape, a 20mm or 24mm fast prime for astro photography, and a mid-range...