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Is This Sort of Work A Good Fit For This Group?

Most of my work is done at night, in the Hackensack Meadowlands or surrounding industrial areas, or else in the suburbs I grew up in. I consider it "fine art" because it's surely not commercial, and when I spent a weekend getting drunk with William Eggleston he said I was "doing well" with my photography, so ... that counts, right? (I also...


This is a shot at Vestrahorn mountain near Stoksness, Iceland. I took this in January 2017. The winter had been mild, and there hadn't been a lot of snow. We came back for a second day to shoot, and it had snowed a little the night before, and it looked like the mountain had a layer of powdered sugar on it. I was pretty pleased with the results...

Looking for feedback

Hey all,

I've recently gotten back into photography and love to photograph people. This is a shot for this morning I took that I'm looking for feedback on. I think it's a solid image but always looking to impove.

Canon 6D, Canon 135mm f/2 L, ISO 100, f/2, 1/500 w/off camera flash (don't remember what power).


Budget Prints vs Pro Lab Prints

Printing represents the final step in the journey of a photograph. I have just written a comparison blog post, looking at the differences between a print ordered from a budget lab and one created by a pro lab.

The same 300dpi, sRGB jpeg was sent to both labs (which, to save any embarrassment shall remain nameless) and the resulting...

My Latest Shoot

Hello everyone. I am a new member here. I am also comparatively a new photographer, just around a year in professional photography. I look forward to sharing my work and learning from you all. These are a few photos from my latest shoot. Do give me your feedback pls.