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Bourbon Brotherhood

Portrait of Bruce Corwin, founder of the Bourbon Brotherhood.

Based out of Louisville Kentucky, the Bourbon Brotherhood meets once a month at a different location to eat good food, drink good bourbon, network, and just have a good time in general.

This was shot minutes before one of their meetings in Baxter's 942 Bar and Grill....

The Coastal Prairie

When you think of coasts you do not normally also think of prairies. But for over two hundred miles the lowlands of Texas that adjoin the Gulf of Mexico are true prairies. This is a morning shot of a working water windmill just like the ones that are still to be found in the prairies farther inland.

Introducing Myself

I am an addict. Yes, a headshot addict based in Sydney, Australia. Started Photography 7 years back as an international wedding photographer. Absolutely enjoyed every bit of my time capturing the gorgeous bride, ceremony and precious moments. However, after the birth of my daughter, I decided to stop all the travel and focus on portraits and...