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Alone in the dark

Hi there,

I would like to share my latest photo taken yesterday evening and also hear your thoughts and critiques. The weather was pretty dull and dark so there wasnt nothing particulary interesting, so I took what I had and tried and give it a gloomy, dark cinematic look to it. I only used 1 long exposure of 60s and processed it in...

Houston Actor Headshot

Hey all, haven't posted in this group in a long time. Would love some CC for this image I shot a few days ago! D700, 105mm f/2.8, flash through softbox on the right as the main light and a bare bulb on the left illuminating her hair.


Me and my girlfriend went to the beach on 10th January

That was really unusual, because usually is really really cold

I asked her to jump, she is my muse :D

That's the results.

Maybe i should have putted a lower aperture, but i was not thinking as a photographer..

share ur comment

Double exposure

Hey Folks, I'm not sure if this photo is posted on the right group or I should have posted it the retouching one but I would love to share with you my first try with double exposure.
Comments and critics are more than welcome.
P.S: Sorry for not uploading the picture but for some reason I can't upload any picture on fstoppers...

Location ideas?

Just a quick thought, has anyone here ever had any experience shooting in North Wales (specifically the Holyhead area)? I'm off there for a few days next month and was wondering if anyone had any tips or locations they wouldn't mind sharing? I lived there for a year back in the 90's in my RAF days so I'm aware that the weather is often less...


Sean Beagles
Hi everyone, My name is Sean Beagles, I am an amateur photographer based in Calgary, Canada. I worked professionally in the North American motion picture industry for almost 10 years, before switching careers. My focus in Photography up until 7 months ago was on travel photography. Since then I have focussed my attention to...