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First Session

Good morning everyone from Nova Scotia, Canada. I had the opportunity to do my first headshot session with an up and comer in the country music field.
Any comments and advice would appreciated.
Used 3x3 softbox with speedlight for Key Light and umbrella with speedlight for side light.

Feedback for an amateur?

Be gentle! I'm new to this lighting thing. :)

While playing around with a lighting setup in my basement I decided to get a bit more dramatic with the lights and ended up with this. Well...ended up with this after some editing, but you know what I mean. I think it turned out pretty good but I have no idea what others really think. Any...

Can I get opinions on my portrait?


My name is Kai Perkins and I am a 17 year old photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been shooting photography for 4 years now and have won various competitions, both locally and nationally. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this portrait I did? I just recently transitioned into doing portraits because it is...

New Guy

Just started photography as a hobby and I want to learn.
Here is the first image I actually put some thought in as I drove past the subject quite a lot on my way to work.
Let me know exactly what you think and what I can improve.

Greetings From Maryland!

Hi Everyone, my name is Jake and I live in the Washington DC metro area. I'm a self-proclaimed headshot junkie that refuses rehab! :-) I love people-tography, but have always come back to headshots. They are the images that truly make me the happiest. Love Peter Hurley and bought his AOTH tutorial here on Fstoppers. About 6 months ago I saw...

Shooting expired film

I recently ordered a few more rolls of expired Kodak Plus-X 125 film, cold-stored. A similar batch from the same people worked great at ISO 100. Oldest film I've shot is 30-year-expired Plus-X 125. The attached picture was a candid shot of my daughter. Kodak Plus-X 125 expired in 1984, shot at ISO 25 using a Canon A-1 with an FD 50mm f/1.8 lens...

Halloween self portrait

Hi Guys, pretty new to PS and and been having a play atr doing a "scary" portrait for Halloween. Took a shot with 1 flash head and a brolly, de-saturated my skin to look more "dead" the eyes were pretty easy and the skull was in image that I laid on top, warped and then erased parts with a soft brush of and lowered the opacity. Never used these...

Another Newbie

Hi all! New to fstoppers and relatively new to photography. I absolutely love cars and just started shooting them. These are a few from a recent car show which limits the location obviously. Either way, let me know what you guys think!