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A recent shoot

Hey all. In aid of 'getting the ball rolling', here is a selection of shots from a recent headshot session with George. Not your tradition 'light and airy' headshot work I know but this is look and feel I'm shooting at the moment.

Namib Desert

Had the good fortune to have been over here twice recently, once on a charity trek and the second time as a photographer on an expedition supporting two ultra runners running 500k through the most grueling sections of the Namib between Ludertiz and Walvis Bay.

It's a photographers paradise, if you ignore the attrition the worlds most...

Welcome to the new Fstoppers Groups

Hey everyone,

Thanks for being the first people to test out our new groups. At launch we will have only a few groups but over the course of the next few weeks we will be adding more specialized groups. Soon after that we will be opening group creation up to the Fstoppers community and you will be able to create and moderate your own...

My introduction

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts. I'm John Grubb from Calgary, Canada. I have been an avid traveler since 2000 when my girlfriend (now wife) Loretta and I went down to Los Cabos, Mexico. I've always been interested in photography but it wasn't until 2011 that I became very serious about it. Now I combine my 2 passions together and just recently...

Kino-Flo Kit For Sale

I'm looking for a good home for a Kino-Flo kit I purchased a couple of years ago. The kit consist of:

(2) 4-Foot/4 Bank Fixtures (including the rolling Gaffer Ship Case)
(1) 2-Foot/4 Bank Fixture

Both fixtures include ballast, mount, 25ft. cable, and extra bulbs. The current bulbs have less than 10 hours usage on them....