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WTB Canon 85mm f/1.8

Hello, I am looking to buy canon 85mm 1.8 lens as i am doing more and more portraits recently and this lens could be the better bang for the buck. yet at the same time i am a broke college student, so looking to get a decent price for it :) I am located in NYC

Serial Water Melt

hi all, I've created a series of portraits with water, for this series i don't want to go with the usual trow of water all around... i've looked for a tidy homogenic fall of water, the result is a "blade" of water... what do you think??

Claudio Carraro

in my portfolio theres...

Peaky Blinders inspired headshot

Hello! My first post in this group. My name is Valdemar Hemlin and I am a portrait photographer from Sweden. Just recently started my own business. This here is a portrait of my friend Wille in my homestudio. I was inspired by the lighting scenarios and color grading in the awesome tv show Peaky Blinders.

5 Strobe Set-Up for Bridal Fashion

I posted this on Model Mayhem, but it might be more appropriate here. I have been asked several times for setup information about some of the studio work I do for clients, especially shooting white gowns on bright or white backgrounds. When I speak at workshops I generally am only able to make 1- or 2-light demonstrations. In addition to that,...

MEO Mares Vivas Festival

this year i was , again, the official photograther of the MEO Mares Vivas Festival.
here are some of the iages i made


This was actually from an audition for one of my cosmetic product clients. I liked this image so much I thought I'd go ahead and do a full touchup and color work to make it perfect.

Doug Stringham

hi my name is vinny

My name is vinny, i was a landscape and club/event photographer for 4 years, my passion has always been fashion and editorial, im planning to start of doing my first fashion shoot outdoor next month. i have the canon 5D mark 3 camera, 50mm 1.4 and a 24-70mm. i recently bought the elinchrom litemotiv to start of my shoot. cant wait to get...

Unretouched beauty

So I was going through my photos from a recent shoot and absolutely just fell in love with this picture as it is. No retouching (with the exception of painting out a nipple & logos). Just curious to see anyone's unretouched photos and your thoughts on mine!

Lightroom Retouching Outsourcing?

Hi. I'm wondering if any of you have experience with outsourcing your lightroom retouching? Does this model work well for you? What service do you recommend?

I think I saw a recommendation from one of the fstoppers writers in the comments to an article saying what service he used. It was a smaller operation I hadn't heard of before, but...

Bedtime story

4 image composite of my wife and son reading a bed time story. Processed in GIMP. Would love to know what you think. I know the bear looks fake, but that's because it was a photo of a stuffed bear I had from a while back.
Would appreciate any advice on lighting ect or what ever critique you think would help me. I'd like to do something...