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Dynamic Range

I know some people who only shoot RAW, others who only shoot JPG, others who use multiple shot stacks for extended dynamic range...I've encountered all sorts of methods to photography. One of the things I've been doing of late is trying to see how far I can push the limits of dynamic range in my camera. I feel I've mastered the techniques of...


Well, this is the first photograph I post there since I'm a member (sick!).

What a romantic atmosphere to be in Italy (Sicilly) and listen a nice street musician.

But the reality face to something more rude. Coming from South Spain, Cesar try to rally the north of Europe by playing his spanish guitar in the best tourist location...


Does anybody here have a list of fashion magazines I could possibly submit some of my work to? I've been shooting for 2 years so I'm sort of new to the photo world and I've never been published. Can anybody help? Here is some of my work so you can get an idea of what type of magazines I'm looking for

Testing the Nikon 200mm F2

So I recently had the opportunity to shoot with the Nikon 200mm F2 lens. I decided to rent this beast for 11 days over the holidays and my goal was ultimately just to satisfy my curiosity that I've always had with it. I'd seen plenty of work shot with the lens and was always amazed at the results. So my thoughts, in short, the lens is worth...

Sunset Strobist Portrait

Here's a picture of my wife shot with a Nikkon Nikkor AI-S 105mm F/1.8 at F/1.8 and a Sony A7 body that she gave me as a birthday present to use with my classic lenses. This was shot right after the sunset. I used one radio triggered flash with a RoundFlash beauty dish modifier. In the background you can see a narrow strait of the Baltic Sea....