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Detail shot of the redesigned M4 headlight. The car is painted in the exclusive livery java green.

Location: multi bay garage of a former military base

Gear I used:

1x Profoto B1
1x Elinchrom Striplight 130x50cm with rotalux profoto adapter

Glamis Sand Dunes | Sigma 15-30mm

I've been in love with landscape photography for some time and have never had the right equipment to really dig into my passion. I recently purchased a used Sigma 15-30 lense which has opened my landscape capturing abilities and I'd like to know what you guys think of my first trip with the lens. This is a shot of the Glamis Sand Dunes in...

Hello Community

Hello to everyone in the community, i hope you all will enjoy my work.

Here i've shot a subaru wrx sti of a friend, in a garage and because he had to change the engine of the car, we did a shot of that.

And, because not everyone believes we went to the moon, here's the proof that we did. :)


Smiles on red

This was my very first planned actor's headshot. I did a few research on this genre and after seeing what Dylan and Harley did, I got inspired. I shoot this with my canon 6D + Sigma 70-20mm 2.8 with a two light setup. The first light is a Jinbei HD 600 in a 90cm Selen bowel and the kicker was flashpoint RL-600.

Nude Shadows

Hi I am new to the group and was hoping for some feedback. This was my first attempt at trying to shoot with this style of lighting. I shot with one soft box, but Im wondering if I should have had a second light for some separation? Thoughts?