The Ultimate Travel Lens: Which Would You Choose?

Many of us are a little obsessed with image quality, buying the best quality glass that we can afford, so it's fascinating to hear the thoughts of an established professional when it comes to lens choice — and system choice, for that matter — for travel photography. Brace yourselves, as image quality and wide apertures take a back seat when it comes to a life on the road.

Raising the Bar With Long Exposure Landscape Photography

Long exposure photography has a special place in my heart and arguably has been where I spend most of my time when creating landscapes as it allows a greater amount of control over a sometimes chaotic scene. Adam Karnacz from First Man Photography expresses similar sentiments and explains some great tips for photographers interested in expanding their creative options by adding long exposure photography to their landscape arsenal.

Can a Super Fast NVMe Drive Help Your Video Editing?

NVMe drives are the new generation of SSD based on the NVMe interface. The classic 2.5” SATA SSD is limited by the SATA standard to 550 MB/s. On the other end, the best NVMe SSD are reaching up to 3,500 MB/s (read) and 2,100 MB/s (write) speed, and they offer much better latency. In short, they are much faster, smaller, and pricier than regular SSDs.