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New gear playtime

So I got some new gear, a canon 5D mark III, a few 600EX-RT flashes with transmitter, and a few lightstands and umbrellas. I couldn't resist breaking it all out and playing with it. I think I should have read the manual before just jumping in, but who has time for that. Anyway, any tips or critiques are very welcome.

Playing with color in the studio

Played around with light, color, and a new model.

Three lights: Key is an 45" Softlighter with a 1/4 CTO gel. Kick is a Strip box with a magenta gel. Fill is from a standard reflector with a cyan gel, bounced off a silver 4x6 reflective panel on the floor. All powered with Elinchrom Quadra heads and packs.

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Bright Light

Has anyone had this experience, and what might be done to correct it?

I'm interested only with the issue of the natural light which enters the room and creates a bright haze around the windows.

The room was quite dark with dark but very reflective wood. The only natural light was coming through the windows behind the desk. The...