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Aurora flood

Hi all

This is my first post here. Just wanted to let you know that there is a strong geomagnetic storm blasting around Earth now, and that you might expect aurora much further south than usually. according to forecasters you could ser them as far south as Oregon and Illinois, and northern UK for example.

The aurora is a lot of...


My name is Emil and come from Sweden! I am quite new to this whole photography thing, I bought my first DSLR about 4 months ago.
But I have always loved to take photos and create in various editing programs!

About the photo: An evening about a week ago I saw this beautiful sky forming above the town, so I grabbed my...

Ashley W.

This was my first collaborative work of 4 people which was orchestrated by the Make-Up Artist Mel Michelle.
She wanted a few photographs of her portfolio, so she called me up and found Ashley Webber to be the model, my friend Noel Bell assisted with the lighting by holding a diffuser over her head and I hold a reflector underneath....

Feedback please!

Would love some feedback on the below, natural light portrait of my younger sister. Was hoping to get feedback in the "critique the community" episode, but it wasn't to be.

To put the image in context, I was hanging out with my sister at home on a Saturday afternoon, and we were both bored, and as it was hitting the late afternoon I...

Welcoming critiques

I shot this using only my camera, Sony A6000 and Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 FE lens without any extra equipments. I had very little knowledge using Adobe Lightroom. This shot was taken at Kellie's Castle, Perak, Malaysia, midday with harsh sunlight. Hoping you guys, more experienced photographer will give me guidance to improve myself. Thanks guys...

Monalisa smile

hi every one, im Ahmed from Sudan..this is my first post....Please let me know what you think ?
120 cm octabox camera left and a softbox as a rim light.. a pair of yn 560 iii were used with rf 602 youngno trigger , 70-200 at f/3.2 nikon 600