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A short note on CC in this group

Hey y'all,

First off I want to say everyone that is participating in this group is doing an awesome job with making this a great community to share landscape/nature images and ask questions.

One concern that was brought to my attention is that while we see a lot of posts asking for CC on their images here, it doesn't necessarily...

3m reflective material

Good Afternoon guys
Im an amateur photographer and I've been asked to shoot a new line of clothes that incorporate 3M (reflective material) into there clothes. Can someone assist me on lighting techniques in studio that will make the 3m shine like below?

I have been able to achieve it using my iphone , because i notice the flash...

Bolivian Girl

Snapped a shot of this little girl in Bolivia that I found. I moved the photo to my phone via wifi and touched it up in the Instagram app. I want to try to copy the edits that I did but in Lightroom on my computer to be able to keep the larger file version and not the IG output.

Any comments?

Portsmouth Guildhall

Hi all,
Please could I have some CC on this? I was hoping for loads of foot traffic for some ghostly figures moving around, but there was only the odd one or two people walking past so I thought it would be best without any people in it at all. Your thoughts and cc are warmly welcomed as usual :)

The photographer's eye

Hey folks,
Can I have your critics on my photo ?
I'm new here and new on photography as well. Any advise and tips on how I can improve, would be very appreciated :)

This photo has taken using my Sony A7II with a Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm F4 lens, and a graduated ND filter.
This lens is not meant to be used on...

Blue hour at the beach

This was taken in the minutes just after the sun set. The position of the sunset was behind the camera slightly to the right. This was a 12 minute exposure with the Hitech 10stop filer and a 3stop soft grad.

Feedback welcome as I am very much new to long exposure and learning every day.