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Hi i'm Antonio from Italy. This summer i've tried to shoot something i didn't do and this is my picture. (I just postel link on my flickr becouse i can't upload image directly to the post).
Have a nice day:

London Bridge



Rolling Honda

My first post in the automotive section on F-Stoppers. Basically I got into photography through photographing my old 1973 Datsun 240z.

Anyway here is a recent rolling shot of a Honda CB900F. We spent the day riding around taking photos followed by a bit of photoshoot with strobes (you can see a couple of those images in my portfolio)....

Hello Automotive World!


I'm new to Fstoppers and thought it would be appropriate to make my first post in the Automotive Photography forums.

My name is Sam Pags and I am 22 (almost 23) years old and live in San Antonio, Texas. I live with my boyfriend ad business partner, Andrew, who is also a photographer and vehicle enthusiast. Together, we have...

Up Coming Shoot

Had the Opportunity to get to this Home before Ericka came By with a momet of Blue in the Sky for the RealtorListing, Will be doing the complete interiors next week and did my walk Thru and looked at the rooms and lighting,
Captured on a Canon 6D using Canon 16-35 4L lens, used a Cir Polarizer 1/60th at f/11 ISO 50 for this on Tripod

Giant Alarm

The only way to wake up early after a long summer break is to use this giant alarm ⏰

*5 mins before the quake*


I had my camera on a tripod, then with one speed light flash which I moved all around the room with different colored gels I took nearly 5 photos. Later on I merged them all in photoshop. Also I took one...

Head Shot - Beginner

I am a photography enthusiast . Recently got attracted to Head-shot photography after watching some stunning images by Patrick Dylan and Peter Hurley.

I attempted something similar and would like to build on it,

Please comment on the uploaded photo and let me know where to improve and how to improve. My set up is D7000,SB800 and...

Rocknation organized by Live Square

Live square is the only Bangladeshi event management company that regularly arrange Rock/Heavy metal shows with the local bands of this genre to cater a handsome number of audience. Being a metalhead, I try to be present in their concerts to listen to some great music and opportunity to take some photos.

This photo is dedicated for Live...

Leadership Transformation Miracle

Another vantage point overlooking Singapore's Central Business District, New Downtown and Civic District.

Please feel free to comment and critique whether this photo works for you.

Many Thanks.

Vincent Chiang
Leadership Transformation Miracle

What do you think?

Another shot I took in Iceland, Plane wreck of an American DC 3 (No one died during this incident in 1973)

I didn't really know what to do with this Image. (It's a composite of 3 Images by the way, there was only one car which I photographed 3 times) I have other shots of this venue where I'm even...