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CC on saturation... too bright?

I've been going over some old pics and trying to brighten them up in Lightroom (which admittedly, I'm still very new at learning and using). Is the green/red too bright in the first image? Should I bring the whole scene down a bit? Sometimes I think I should just stick to black and white, lol.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Fist time in a hide.

Finally got myself a 150-600 Sigma and these are some of the results from its first outing. It's a steep learning curve and so different from shooting a static model in a studio!
The first is a Siskin, fairly common bird in certain parts of Scotland and the other is the Siskin showing just how aggressive it can be, seeing off a Chaffinch...

Actress Headshots in my Alexandria VA Studio

Had a headshot shoot recently with an actress in my studio. I went for a simple clamshell lighting setup. We did a couple of outfit changes and a couple of backdrop changes. She really like the simple grey background shots and the dark brown background. The shot with the chin up was not really used for actress headshot portfolio but just as one...