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Sunrise at Kirkjufell (Iceland)

Sunrise at the iconic waterfall and mountain in Iceland this summer. The light was there just a few minutes, was really happy that the long wait on location was worth it :)

What do you think?

High-Key Color or B+W?

This is a shot taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was around sunset, but the light still wasn't great and there wasn't any interest in the sky--not much color and no clouds. I've been playing around with it and I don't think it lends itself to my normal editing styles, so I've tried 2 different edits that are more experimental for me--one is (an...

F* off

This Portrait was taken during a concert on Stage. As this - it was not staged but taken what was offered.
I was not the official photog but the picture was taken as the Musicians official picture in a couple places.
What do you think about it?

Garden after the rain

Went out into the garden after we got a bit of rain. Used a manual flash attached to a flash bracket with a small soft box attached to it. Usually I find flower photos kind of boring but I liked how these looked (but maybe that's just because I took them!). These are both single frames but I'd like to start practicing stacking since its new to...

Violin fairytale

I wasn't planning of taking a dedicated headshot during a senior/matric photoshoot. This is a cropped version that I feel lost some detail. However the overall look I am happy with. How should I raise the bar?