Rugged, Versatile Storage: Fstoppers Reviews the Gnarbox 2.0 SSD

Photographers and videographers are working on the go and traveling more and more, and their needs for advanced data storage devices are growing. The Gnarbox 2.0 SSD seeks to fill those needs while housing those capabilities in a rugged device made to stand up to the elements. Check out our review of this powerful device.

Ever Wondered How Photography Studios are Built?

I love going through Pinterest and looking at all of the beautiful photography studios. Broncolor lights, clean lines, tripods that could support a small car, but in this video I go through the realities of making your own studio space.

The Ultimate Backup: Insurance for Photographers

The Oxford English Dictionary defines accident as “an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and causes injury or damage.” Accidents happen. It doesn’t matter how careful you are or how much common sense you have. That’s why they’re called accidents.

Night Exterior Lighting Tutorial: Phone Booth Thriller Scene

Lighting night exteriors can be a challenging task, because to make them look real you might need quite a lot of light sources. In this lighting tutorial you will learn how this suspenseful phone booth scene was filmed.

Videographer Explains How to Mask Jump-Cuts While Recording and in Post

Anyone who frequently views talking-head style YouTube videos/vlogs will often notice the jump-cut style of editing that many creators employ in order to cut out mistakes like dropping something, long pauses, or word salads. When videos with mistakes are edited without much care or thought, they end up being quite jarring if not downright frustrating to watch. So, if you're a creator who wants to mask a jump-cut as best as possible, what should you do?

Highly Esteemed Photographer Dies the Best Way Possible

As jarring as it is to acknowledge, we all die. And the manner in which we die is something that many of us have probably contemplated at different times over our lives. For legendary photographer and publisher Allen Margolis, he passed away doing what he loved with those he loved.

A Guide to Rembrandt Lighting for Portraits

Rembrandt lighting is one of the most classic and fundamental lighting techniques in photography, and you will still see it used quite commonly today. This great video will show you how to create a Rembrandt lighting setup for portrait work.

A Look at the Insane Nikon NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct Lens

The Nikon NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lens is extreme in every conceivable measurement — from optics to price. Does that crazy price deliver image quality to match? This fun first look video takes a peek at the monster lens and just what it is capable of.

Photography and Video Backup with the QNAP TR-004

As creatives, finding a cost and time-efficient way to keep our files safe is possibly one of our more mundane but necessary tasks. For years, I have been purchasing hard drives and running my backups manually for the most part with Backblaze being used for off-site backups. As my archive grew, however, this became cumbersome. After much searching, I settled on the QNAP TR-004 as my new solution and I’d like to share my experience with you today.

Why I Still Prefer Hot Lights to LEDs

There are numerous articles that are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of hot lights and LEDs. Knowing these, I want to share my opinion from a practical standpoint.

What Are the Best Ways to Send Traffic to Your Photography Website?

For the last month, we've teamed up with Wix for a series called "How to Build a Website." In this series, Lee and I talk about some of the advantages and mistakes photographers make when creating their own website. Today, we are releasing the last video in the series, and it might be the most important information in making sure your photography business becomes a success financially.

Sony Updates RX10 IV With Real-time Eye AF for Animals

The Sony RX10 IV bridge camera was released in October 2017 and features a 24-600mm equivalent lens with the capability of shooting up to 24 frames per second with autofocus. Pairing those kind of specs with Sony’s newer Real-time Eye AF for Animals tech makes perfect sense, and now it’s here.

Tips for Better Time Management and Decision-Making in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a strange genre when it comes to time management, and it can lead to some difficult decisions when it comes to committing to a location or moving on to somewhere else. This great video discusses some helpful tips for improving your time management and decision-making in landscape photography.

Shooting an Entire Wedding After Dark

Wedding photography is a difficult enough genre without any extra challenges thrown in the mix, but can you imagine having to shoot a wedding after dark with no flash to help? This interesting video follows a photographer as he tackles that exact challenge and contains some helpful tips in case you ever find yourself in the same situation.

How to Manage Your Gear Acquisition Syndrome This Black Friday

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) is something photographers deal with all the time: that feeling you get by purchasing something that you think might be the one tool you need to really upgrade your work. Here are some ways to manage these impulses and stop you from buying unnecessary gear.

Fujifilm X-Pro 3: A Personal Review of a Personal Camera

There is no getting away from it: Fujifilm's decision to implement a “hidden LCD” on their brand new Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera was always going make this a divisive camera. The question is: has Fujifilm created such a niche camera as to make it unusable? After using the camera extensively for the past couple of weeks, here is my purely personal take on this very personal camera.

The Best Images from GuruShots "Amazing Men" Challenge

GuruShots is a website that hosts, "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” in which it invites participants to submit their best photos to various challenges. They have receive thousands of entries and millions of votes and recently hosted the "Amazing Men" challenge. Check out the three winners of the challenge below as well as the 100 top rated images below.

Fstoppers Hands-On Look at the New and Surprisingly Brilliant Leica SL2

As camera manufacturers go, Leica is probably one of the more polarizing brands on the market right now. Personally, I'm a fan of their cameras, although I'm not planning on owning any cameras from them in the immediate future. Even still, I do think they produce some wonderful devices.

A Review of the Nikon Z 50 Camera

The Nikon Z 50 offers a sub-$1,000 entry point into Nikon's mirrorless system in a compact and lightweight crop sensor body, making it an intriguing option for many photographers. This helpful review takes a look at the new camera to help you decide if it is a good choice for your work.

What's a Parfocal Lens and Why Is It so Important?

If you have ever looked at the price of cinema lenses, your eyes probably watered a bit at their seemingly stratospheric cost. There are lots of reasons for those high prices, one of the most common being that they are parfocal. This interesting video explains what it means for a lens to be parfocal and why it is so desirable among filmmakers.

What's It Like to Shoot a $30,000 100-Megapixel Camera?

In my ramblings as a photographer over the last decade and a half, I've shot with almost every brand of commercial digital camera out there. However, most of my experience has been in the realm of common crop-sensor and full-frame cameras. I've always seen the more exotic offerings in medium format digital as beyond my reach and therefore, not worth thinking about.

Has There Ever Been a Better Time to Buy Third Party Lenses?

Sigma has recently announced that it will be releasing a brand new 24-70mm f/2.8 Art for Sony full-frame cameras, and the price is quite remarkable. Given the sudden shift from DSLR to mirrorless cameras, you’d think that lens manufacturers would be struggling to keep up, but despite that, there’s probably never been a better time to buy third party glass.

Capture One Offers Unique and Powerful Benefits For Portrait Photography

The landscape of the portrait photographer has certainly been in flux over the last decade, in which time we’ve seen photos of people go from unreal alabaster-like skin to something much more real, color grading become prominent, and image resolution grow, even though the consumption of images has moved largely to smaller screens.

How to Get Better Skin Tones in Lightroom

One of the most subtle but crucial aspects of any portrait is the skin tones. And while you can spend lots of time in Photoshop tweaking them to be just right, sometimes, you do not want to invest that much effort into an image. This excellent tutorial will show you how to get better skin tones using only Lightroom.

Submit Your Best "Styled" Photograph
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Submit Your Best "Styled" Photograph

Submit Your Best "Styled" Photograph

For our next critique, we want to see your most "styled" photographs. This means that you spent time choosing the model, location, wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc. to create a cohesive, professional, final photograph.

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A Guide to Retouching Using Frequency Separation

Frequency separation is one of the most powerful retouching tools you can use, but it takes careful technique and restraint to do it correctly. This excellent video tutorial will show you how you can incorporate frequency separation into your post-processing workflow.

A Review of the Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art Lens

The Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art lens is one of the newest from the company and one of the first designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. With its ultra-wide aperture, it looks to be an interesting option for Sony E and Leica L shooters, and this great review takes a thorough look at it.

Sigma's New 24-70mm f/2.8 Art Lens for Sony Is Quite Cheap

The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art lens for Sony is the newest from the company, and it brings with it the Art line's legacy of high-quality optics at affordable prices. Sigma has released the price for the lens, and it looks to be a great option for Sony shooters.

Finding Calm Photographing Gloomy Minimalist Flowers

Call it a personal project or way of finding the calm again in photographs, lately I've been shooting a portrait style “sad flower” collection and I love it. Check out the how and why and if it tickles your fancy you can give it a try too.

Can an iPhone Really Match Full Frame in Low Light?

The announcement of Night Mode promises “low-light shots never before possible on iPhone.” Between the new mode and the addition of a truly wide lens, the iPhone is more competitive than ever. But do the shots actually hold up in the field? I tested against my Nikon Z 7, with surprising results.

Canon Just Patented Some Insanely Fast Prime Lenses

Canon’s move to mirrorless may have taken a while but the Japanese manufacturer certainly now seems intent on taking full advantage of the new flange distance. Patents for three new wide-angle primes have just been submitted and the specifications are a little bit crazy.

Olympus Responds to Rumors That Its Camera Division Is Closing Down

Last week rumors circulated that on the back of a series of disastrous financial results, Olympus was about to announce that it would be closing its imaging division, ending its production of cameras and lenses. The Japanese manufacturer has since responded to these rumors.